Life doesn’t always go to plan, especially when little people are involved. But that’s what Frontliners is all about: documenting life at home once kids come along. It is a joint project between photographer Kata Varga and writer Natalie Walton. The next instalment is on its way.
Pip Edwards 01
Pip Edwards
Sunday 10 October, 2010
Tracy Ellis and Wayne Connolly 01
Tracy Ellis & Wayne Connolly
Sunday 3 October, 2010
Emma Magenta 01
Emma Magenta
Saturday 7 August, 2010
Amanda Mahoney 01
Amanda Mahoney
Sunday 1 August, 2010
Inez Garcia 01
Inez Garcia
Sunday 25 July, 2010
The Searls 01
The Searls
Saturday 19 June, 2010
Anna-Wili Highfield 01
Anna-Wili Highfield
Saturday 24 April, 2010